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The Atlas develops through continous contributions.

We welcome submissions to the Atlas. 

Submissions should be written in swedish, danish or english.  


Submissions to the Öresund Urban Social Atlas

Texts: 1,000–3,500 words, excluding references

Maps and visualizations: 8–20 images in the form of maps, drawings, sketches, collages, photographs, or video


Long submissions (2,500–3,500 words) should begin with an introduction that states the research problem, aim, and specific research question(s), followed by a theoretical or conceptual frame, a description of the research method(s), and a presentation and analysis of the results. The text should end with a discussion or conclusion.

Short submissions (up to 1,000 words) should include an introduction to the urban social issue under investigation, a research question, and the results of the investigation. A concluding comment is welcome.

We also welcome experimental contributions, contact us to discuss your idea.

How to submit a manuscript for evaluation

Send manuscripts to

Authors wishing to contribute to the Atlas should submit their manuscript in PDF format to . New manuscripts will first be evaluated by the editors; accepted submissions will then undergo anonymous review. Members of the review group will include editorial staff and previous contributors. Submissions will be evaluated based on the project’s quality and relevance, connection to current urban social challenges, critical stance, analytical depth, and ability to demonstrate a conceptual and creative approach. Note that evaluation will also vary with the type of submission: long submissions will be evaluated on analysis and theoretical depth, while short submissions with greater cartographic or visual focus will be evaluated on the artistic and technical quality of the work.

All manuscripts accepted for further review and publication should follow the guidelines below.

How to submit an accepted manuscript

Send accepted manuscripts to

The manuscript should be submitted as a ‘word’ text file without images. Include the following: 


  1. a short and concise main title
  2. a short introduction of 2-3 sentences
  3. three keywords
  4. mark where in the text the images should be presented by referring to their name (Figure 1,2,3 etc.) and image text.
  5. format citations as cursive and mark with ” ”
  6. reference according to Harvard APA, see separate pdf  for instructions.



Drawings and photos should be submitted as separate files in accordance with the following:

  1. the file size of each image should be within 100KB – 1MB (we recommend 150 dpi and adjustment of size to comply). We also welcome short films, for more information about size and format please contact us.
  2. images should be referred to as Figure 1,2,3 etc.
  3. the writer is held responsible for image copyright. All images should include references.



  1. each writer should include a short biography, 50-75 words, which includes contact information. Submit as a separate ‘word’ file.



  1. the writer could add information on how the research has been funded and/or other acknowledgments connected to the study. Submit as a separate ‘word’ file .


The Atlas should be cited as: 

Urban Social Atlas Öresund. Digital compendium of text and visual material (http:/